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I established Auto Detal Service in 1987. At the begging the company as many workshops dealt with typical services n in the field of so-called vehicle mechanics. But always my interest, the interest of my my colleagues and former colleagues were antique vehicles. (I am a co-founder of the Motorized Krakow Tourist Club currently Leader, an association which amalgamate heavy motorcycle owners since 1972) It is probably related to the time when buying a new car or motorcycle was a huge challenge. The market offer was not interesting as well. Keeping the condition of an old but good car or motorcycle gave the possibility of daily driving, which even in the 80's wasn't that obvious as it is today. It was a good school of creativity and patience, forced with the shortages of parts and materials. Currently i use this knowledge and experience from those years when executing orders associated with the reconstruction, renovation and servicing of historic vehicles. Cooperation with the best, reliable for years paint, upholstery or galvanization or polishing companies ensures that the work of the highest technical level, preserving the original aesthetic appearance of both the vehicle and its components. I do not avoid any orders of moderate modifications according to the owners idea about classic car. Many restored cars and power units from cars and motorcycles show the commitment and individual approach to each project.